ITAC Branch

Our Passion: Fire officer strategic development

Our Mission: The development of informed strategists

Our Goal: Help you become a competent incident manager

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ITAC Products
  • Durable, lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Designed to be used with Passports
  • Special coating for easy erasing/cleaning
  • Designed for use with the Passport Accountability System®
  • Black lettering on white background for optimal readability in low-light
  • Use grease pencil or Sharpie® brand permanent markers (we recommend blue)

Congratulations Mark Emery!
Selected as the 2013 George D. Post Instructor of the Year

Mark Emery and Fire Command LLC provide education and training throughout North and South America.

Popular programs include:
•Integrated Tactical Accountability: Freelance Prevention That Works
•The Essentials of Honorable Leadership
•Building Construction: Considerations for Informed Fireground Decisions
•ITAC Command Competency Clinic
•Grading the Fireground on the Curve
•Welcome to the Contemporary Fireground
•The Ten Command-ments of Intelligent and Safe Fireground Operations

For program information contact Mark Emery:
(425) 753-6924

Passport Accountability & IMS Status Board Training Package
Produced by IMS Alliance
Instructor: Mark Emery
Includes: HD-DVD, Lesson Outline, Cognitive and Manipulative Post-Tests, Standards Addressed
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Special Offer: Schedule a Command Competency Clinic and receive the Passport Accountability System/IMS Status Board Training Package.

As an Informed Strategist you will:
  • Competently Manage: Strategy, Resources, and Risk
  • Establish and manage an effective Command Post
  • Achieve and maintain 'Incident Equilibrium'
  • Communicate clearly, concisely, and with discipline
  • Declare an appropriate Operational Mode
  • Develop and manage an Incident Action Plan
  • Achieve and maintain Tactical Accountability
  • Receive 10-minute notifications from Dispatcher
  • Communicate meaningful Status Reports
  • Know how to supervise a Division or Group
  • Know how and when to establish a Branch Director