About Us

Our mission is to provide tools that improve on-scene organization, maintain safety and accountability, and simplify overall scene operations to assist the Incident Commander in managing small or large-scale incidents and/or training evolutions.

  • Ensure that an organized Incident Management System is implemented.
  • Ensure that common terminology is utilized.
  • Ensure that sufficient personnel and resources are dispatched.
  • Ensure that all positions are filled by qualified individuals.
  • Ensure that the accountability system is utilized.
  • Ensure that critical time limits are not exceeded.
  • Provide the Incident Commander with a checklist to assist with scene management.
  • Provide a systematic method of identifying key personnel.
  • Clarify chain-of-command.
  • Ensure that critical elements are not overlooked by utilizing our detailed checklists.

Contact us through our website or call us at 866-371-1670 for more information.

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